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Welcome and Happy Spring!

Although winter seems persistent here in Minnesota on this first day of Spring with a couple of feet of snow on the ground and temperatures below zero this week. This is the time when Minnesotans turn to religious thoughts of faith that, "spring is on it's way". Soon it will be warm and the flowers and birds will be returning to our white and brown landscape.

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Listen to Joe Bailey at The Resilient Helper on July 26–27 Download the flyer or check out our News page for more info.

In this two day seminar we will discover the power of our own resilience for effective helping of others, as well as to lessen our own burnout and stress. We will see how understanding the wisdom and principle based logic of resilience can allow us to live more from that innate capacity, and in turn, teach others to do the same. When we live in our own state of mental well- being, we are able to see health in our clients.
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Flyfishing for the Mind?

Next Seminar: September 2013 Alaska Details Coming Soon

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